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Will today’s product liability case turn into tomorrow’s mass tort?

To the plaintiffs’ bar, every product liability case is an opportunity for a mass tort. The best way to manage a mass tort is to prevent it from becoming one in the first place. More

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Can your complex construction project be a success without project controls?

Complex construction projects require strong project management. Our Construction Group can be part of your management team by offering Project Controls services. We assess and address critical issues and resolve disputes in real-time before they impact ongoing work. More

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Find your career at Schiff Hardin.

Have the chance to try different practice areas before choosing the one that's right for you. Be involved in high-stakes work that tests your creativity. And learn in a spirited and respectful environment.

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What to do when the whistle blows.

Whistle blowing has become a cottage industry. How can you avoid enormous expense and turmoil while complying with the expectations of regulatory and law enforcement officials? There is hope. More

White Collar Def & Investigations