The Schiff Hardin Construction Law Group believes that protecting clients’ interests is of the highest importance. Our lawyers are experienced in representing virtually every type of construction industry client — owners, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors — in a multitude of construction-related disputes. Rated the #1 Construction Litigation firm in America by U.S. News in 2011, we handle disputes in jurisdictions across the country through litigation, traditional alternative dispute resolution and other dispute-resolution forums.

Tackling Problems Quickly — Or Before They Appear

Our attorneys know that when resolving a dispute, they must use their objectivity, creativity and superior advocacy skills to meet the client’s needs and objectives. We also recognize that claim-avoidance strategies and the timely resolution of disputes are key to ensuring that a project continues without disruption and that the client does not have to play catch-up in litigation. Our construction attorneys pride themselves in responsiveness, as experience shows that tackling a problem quickly is often the best way to meet the client’s business and legal needs.

Fundamental to the Construction Law Group’s philosophy is our belief that the resolution of a dispute is not just a simple march to the courthouse steps. Rather, we believe that gaining a comprehensive understanding of both the problem and the forum for resolving that problem leads to the best solution. For that reason, our attorneys commonly explore with our clients whether the most favorable route for the dispute is through mediation, arbitration or litigation. Throughout this process, we actively engage with our clients to address their business needs and goals.

Broad Experience in Handling Disputes

Our attorneys have decades of experience in prosecuting and defending multifaceted, complex construction disputes in many areas, including:

  • delay, disruption and loss of efficiency claims
  • construction and design defect claims
  • breach of contract for performance, scope of work, and/or payment claims
  • warranty claims
  • payment and performance bonds claims
  • complex construction insurance coverage claims
  • bid protests
  • green and sustainable building claims
  • residential and commercial disputes
  • public and governmental works project
  • mechanic’s lien claims
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • architectural copyright and other intellectual property claims


Our attorneys also have long-standing relationships with some of the most respected experts in the industry. This, combined with our depth of bench throughout the country and the many years our construction attorneys have practiced together, enables us to assemble elite teams to handle virtually any construction-related claim.

The Construction Law Group is dedicated to protecting its clients’ interests while also serving their needs. Whether it is a “bet the company” dispute or claim arising out of a typical construction project, we will work with you from the implementation of a dispute/litigation strategy all the way to the close of the dispute.