Sustainable Design and Green Building

Sustainable Design and Green Building


Sustainable design and green building is an important part of the culture at Schiff Hardin. Having attorneys with backgrounds in architecture and engineering, the Construction Law Group is keenly aware of the benefits — and the design and cost considerations — of sustainable and “green” projects. 

Going Green from the Get-Go

Recognizing that sustainable design is becoming more important with clients and the public, our lawyers begin from the ground up in helping our clients with green projects. From incorporating criteria on sustainability into project RFPs, to preparing and negotiating contracts that promote and encourage green thinking in design and construction, we support our clients’ needs and help them achieve their green goals.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the proper legal tools to better enable them to have a positive impact on the environment and to promote the health of people working in and around their buildings. Our construction attorneys offer counsel to owners, design professionals and contractors on the ins and outs of LEED and Green Globes certification. We provide advice on ways that commercial and residential projects can satisfy ENERGY STAR TM construction and equipment requirements without compromising on the bottom line.

Providing Far-Reaching Counsel

Our construction attorneys also are attuned to tax incentives and other considerations offered by federal, state and local governments to “green” businesses, and we counsel our clients on maximizing those benefits while further supporting the environment. Consistent with our belief that our role is not just to draft a contract or resolve a dispute, we look to counsel clients on all types of business considerations. This includes promoting awareness of the environment while balancing the long-term impact of sustainable design with the immediate costs that come with going green.

Vast Experience in the Energy and Design Sectors

With more than 25 years of providing legal services for construction project in the energy/utility industry, the Construction Law Group is also uniquely qualified to counsel clients of all sizes on sustainable and green projects. Our projects regularly involve working with EPA guidelines, whether dealing with air emissions or water treatment standards. Our work includes numerous solar, wind and water power-generation projects, and our experience with multiple projects in coal-fired and nuclear power plants valued in excess of $15 billion provides us with a wealth of knowledge regarding construction and the environment.

With a history of more than 30 years of representing design professionals, we also have been at the forefront of promoting sustainable and green design from the perspective of architects and engineers. Our attorneys advise design professionals in contract negotiations and project disputes on green issues. We follow the latest requirements to achieve sustainable design on a local and national level, and we advise our clients on managing risks that can occasionally accompany green building.