Alex Garel-Frantzen loves tackling complex environmental issues. He counsels companies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws; litigates land and water issues; and conducts environmental due diligence to support corporate transactions. He represents a variety of businesses, including electric power utilities; gas transmission, storage and distribution companies; manufacturers; and commercial goods distribution companies.

Alex listens carefully to his clients’ concerns and then makes them his own, digging into the facts and untangling the web of statutes, regulations, cases, and policies. Alex then provides clear, actionable advice to help his clients achieve their goals.

Energy and Environmental Law Adviser

2020 Renewable Energy Outlook: Strategies to Elicit Community Support

Even though communities are likely to reap many benefits from proposed renewable energy projects, local opposition can delay – or altogether thwart – the progress of renewable energy projects. Most renewable energy projects require some level of zoning or permit approvals to proceed, and garnering support is proving to be especially difficult. This final post... Continue Reading