Gentine Quoted on President Trump’s Pick for CPSC Chair


Gentine Quoted on President Trump’s Pick for CPSC Chair

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Mike Gentine was quoted on the Trump Administration’s announcement of intent to nominate Nancy Beck to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Beck has held various positions in the federal government for more than two decades, including with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Management and Budget.

Mike said, “She's going to come in with a fairly deep familiarity with federal regulatory agencies in general, obviously each agency is a little bit of its own animal.”

During Beck’s time with the American Chemistry Council (ACC), the CPSC issued a rule barring children's toys and child care articles containing phthalates, chemicals used for softening plastics. The ACC opposed the rule.

"Obviously some of the member companies at ACC are involved in those chemicals, so she is certainly familiar with the agency, even though most of her work has been at other federal agencies," Mike said.

Mike said the new CPSC head’s top job will be to walk the halls and build relationships among fellow commissioners so they can start identifying and advancing policy priorities.

"The catchphrase is that safety isn't political and of course at some level it shouldn't be. If there are unsafe hazardous products out there then dealing with those isn't a question of politics," he said. "But of course this is a political entity, all of government is a political entity, and the political process is how we make decisions."

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