Lawyer uses analytics for lawsuits, MLB teams


Lawyer uses analytics for lawsuits, MLB teams

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Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin recently interviewed partner Jonathan M. Judge about the intersection of law and analytics—and his use of statistical models to help Major League Baseball teams improve their performances.

Jonathan became interested in explaining patterns, which drove his interest both in baseball analytics and in an analytics-based approach to the law. He points out that in the emerging driverless car industry, vehicles rely on statistically driven decision making. He says that juries, regulators, and the general public will need to understand these systems before they can understand whether a driverless car company is making the right decision.

Turning to baseball analytics, Jonathan describes deserved run average (DRA), a metric he developed to evaluate pitcher performance. The metric controls for factors like quality of defense, the park where the game is played, and strength of the opponent. Because DRA helps to understand whether a pitcher is simply stuck on a bad team or riding the success of a good defense, he argues that DRA should be used in selecting Cy Young Award winners.