More Than 100 Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named to the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network


More Than 100 Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named to the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network

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Schiff Hardin LLP is pleased to announce that 102 of the firm’s attorneys have been named to the 2011 Illinois Leading Lawyers Network effective January 1, 2011. The list is comprised of those who are most recommended as top lawyers in the state among their peers, based on thousands of contacts by the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network.

The Schiff Hardin attorneys named to the 2011 Illinois Leading Lawyers Network and their respective practice areas are as follows:

Thomas W. Abendroth - (Trust, Will & Estate Planning)
John F. Adams - (Close/Privately Held Businesses; Corporate Finance)
Barry S. Alberts - (Commercial Litigation; Professional Malpractice Defense)
Robert I. Berger - (Commercial Litigation; Construction)
David C. Blickenstaff - (Commercial Litigation; Trust, Will & Estate Planning)
Chris L. Bollinger - (Computer & Technology; Intellectual Property)
Stephen J. Bonebrake - (Environmental)
Max G. Brittain Jr. - (Employment: Management; Labor: Management)
Harmon A. Brown - (Tax: Individual; Will & Estate Planning)
James E. Brown - (Public Utilities: Gas/Water/Electric)
Antony S. Burt - (Commercial Litigation; Insurance, Insurance Coverage & Reinsurance; Professional Malpractice Defense)
Kevin J. Byrne - (Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property)
Joseph A. Cancila Jr. - (Commercial Litigation)
Renee Cipriano - (Environmental)
Matthew C. Crowl - (Commercial Litigation; Criminal Defense: White Collar; Government/Municipal/Lobbying/Administration)
Paul E. Dengel - (Commercial Litigation)
Patricia Dondanville - (Corporate Finance; Public Utilities: Gas/Water/Electric)
Stephen J. Dragich - (Closely & Privately Held Business; Mergers & Acquisitions)
Marci A. Eisenstein - (Class Action/Mass Tort Defense)
Peter V. Fazio Jr. - (Corporate Finance; Public Utilities; Gas/Water/Electric)
Robert C. Feldmeier - (Commercial Litigation; Insurance/Insurance Coverage/Reinsurance)
J. Mark Fisher - (Banking & Financial Institutions; Bankruptcy & Workout: Commercial)
Mark C. Friedlander - (Construction; Professional Malpractice Defense, including Legal/Tech/Financial)
Matthew Galo - (Corporate Finance; Securities & Venture Finance)
Eugene G. Geekie Jr. - (Bankruptcy & Workout: Commercial; Creditors' Rights/Commercial Collections)
Stuart L. Goodman - (Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions)
Walter C. Greenough - (Commercial Litigation)
David A. Grossberg - (Land Use, Zoning & Condemnation; Real Estate: Commercial)
Michael J. Hanahan - (Construction)
William M. Hannay - (Antitrust; International Business & Trade)
Frederick Hartmann - (Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions)
Sondra J. Hemeryck - (Commercial Litigation; Trade Secrets/Unfair Competition)
Douglass C. Hochstetler - (Intellectual Property)
David R. Hodgman - (Tax: Business; Tax: Individual)
Patricia Brown Holmes - (Commercial Litigation; Criminal Defense: White Collar)
Allan Horwich - (Securities & Venture Finance)
Richard J. Hoskins - (Intellectual Property)
Barry Hyman - (Commercial Litigation; Public Utilities: Gas/Water/Electric)
Steve E. Isaacs - (Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions)
Larry Jacobson - (Tax: Business)
Janet M. Johnson - (Real Estate: Commercial; Real Estate: Finance)
Trevor B. Joike - (Intellectual Property)
Kim A. Kamin - (Trust, Will & Estate)
James M. Kane - (Land Use/Zoning/Condemnation; Real Estate: Commercial)
Andrew A. Kling - (Corporate Finance; Securities & Venture Finance)
Brian D. Kluever - (Real Estate: Commercial; Real Estate: Finance)
Robert E. Kolek - (Tax: Business)
Kevin L. Kolton - (Construction)
Joseph J. Krasovec III - (Commercial Litigation; Product Liability Defense)
Donald J. Kreger - (Government/Municipal/Lobbying/Administrative; Land Use/Zoning/Condemnation
Ruth E. Krugly - (Government/Municipal/Lobbying/Administrative)
Dennis J. LaGory - (Insurance/Insurance Coverage/Reinsurance)
Thomas P. Luning - (Antitrust; Commercial Litigation)
Paul M. Lurie - (ADR: Commercial Litigation; ADR: Construction)
Owen E. MacBride - (Public Utilities: Gas/Water/Electric)
Paul C. Marengo - (Public Finance)
Catherine M. Masters - (Products Liability Defense; Toxic Torts Defense)
David S. McCarthy - (Corporate Finance; Securities & Venture Finance)
Michael L. Meyer - (Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions; and Securities & Venture Finance)
William E. Meyer - (Class Action/Mass Tort Defense; Commercial Litigation; Insurance/Insurance Coverage/Reinsurance)
Robert J. Minkus - (Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions; Publicly Held Corporations; Securities & Venture Finance)
Jane E. Montgomery - (Environmental)
Virgil R. Montgomery - (Construction)
Paula J. Morency - (Antitrust; Class Action/Mass Tort Defense; Commercial Litigation; & Dealership)
Ralph A. Morris - (Employment: Management; Labor: Management)
Gary L. Mowder - (Banking; Corporate Finance)
Steven H. Noll - (Intellectual Property)
Joseph J. O'Hara Jr. - (Commercial Litigation; Products Liability Defense; Toxic Torts Defense)
Roger Pascal - (Antitrust; Commercial Litigation; Intellectual Property)
Randolph M. Perkins - (Closely & Privately Held Business, Publicly Held Corporations)
Charles H.R. Peters - (Commercial Litigation)
Scott E. Pickens - (Banking & Financial Institutions; Securities/Venture Finance)
Robert R. Pluth Jr. - (Tax: Business)
Carol R. Prygrosky - (Personal Injury Defense: General; Products Liability Defense)
Thomas B. Quinn - (Commercial Litigation)
Robert H. Riley - (Class Action/Mass Tort Defense; Products Liability Defense; Toxic Torts Defense)
Kenneth M. Roberts - (ADR: Commercial Real Estate/Environmental/Construction)
Melvin A. Robinson - (Intellectual Property)
Gabriel M. Rodriguez - (Environmental)
Peter L. Rossiter - (Banking & Financial Institutions; Corporate Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions; Publicly Held Corporations)
Carl A. Royal - (Corporate Finance; Securities & Venture Finance)
Ronald S. Safer - (Commercial Litigation; Criminal Defense: White Collar)
John N. Scholnick - (Commercial Litigation)
Sarah Kerr Severson - (Trust, Will & Estate Planning)
Henry W. Sledz Jr. - (Employment: Management; Labor: Management)
Patricia C. Slovak - (Employment: Management; Labor: Management)
Edward Spacapan Jr. - (Employee Benefits)
David M. Spector - (Insurance, Insurance Coverage & Reinsurance)
Robin M. Spencer - (Franchise & Dealership)
Frederick J. Sperling - (Arts, Entertainment & Sports; Civil Rights & Constitutional; Commercial Litigation)
Mark A. Sternberg - (Corporate Finance)
Debra L. Stetter - (Trust, Will & Estate Planning)
Linda K. Stevens - (Intellectual Property)
Clay A. Tillack - (Franchise & Dealership; Intellectual Property)
Brett A. Valiquet - (Intellectual Property)
Darren VanPuymbrouck - (Products Liability Defense)
Thomas R. Wechter - (Tax: Business; Tax: Individual)
Bruce P. Weisenthal - (Public Finance)
Thomas P. White - (Intellectual Property)
Robert B. Wilcox Jr. - (Intellectual Property)
Jay Williams - (Commercial Litigation)
Mark C. Zaander - (Banking)