Fifty-Two Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named 2009 Illinois Super Lawyers in Chicago Magazine


Fifty-Two Schiff Hardin LLP Attorneys Named 2009 Illinois Super Lawyers in Chicago Magazine

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The February 2009 edition of Chicago Magazine named 52 Schiff Hardin attorneys as 2009 Super Lawyers and 14 Schiff Hardin attorneys as Illinois Rising Stars. Attorneys are selected for this honor by balloting among Illinois attorneys who were asked to name the best lawyers they had personally observed in action. Super Lawyers are those attorneys who were in the top five percent of this selection process. These are the Schiff Hardin attorneys named 2009 Illinois Super Lawyers and their categories of selection:

Thomas W. Abendroth - Estate Planning & Probate
Barry S. Alberts - Civil Litigation Defense
Scott Bieber - Estate Planning & Probate
Max G. Brittain Jr. - Employment & Labor
Antony S. Burt - General Litigation
Joseph A. Cancila Jr. - Class Action/Mass Torts
Everett J. Cygal - General Litigation
Patricia Dondanville - Securities & Corporate Finance
Michael W. Drumke - Class Action/Mass Torts
Marci A. Eisenstein - Class Action/Mass Torts
Peter V. Fazio Jr. - Securities & Corporate Finance
J. Mark Fisher - Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights
Mark C. Friedlander - Construction Litigation
Julie Furer Stahr - Employment & Labor
Stuart L. Goodman - Business/Corporate
David A. Grossberg - Real Estate
Michael J. Hanahan - Construction Litigation
William M. Hannay - Antitrust Litigation
David R. Hodgman - Estate Planning & Probate
Patricia Brown Holmes - General Litigation
Allan Horwich - Securities Litigation
Richard J. Hoskins - Intellectual Property Litigation
Barry Hyman - General Litigation
Janet M. Johnson - Real Estate
Andrew A. Kling - Securities & Corporate Finance
Brian D. Kluever - Real Estate
Robert E. Kolek - Tax
Thomas P. Luning - General Litigation
Paul M. Lurie - Construction Litigation
Owen E. MacBride - Utilities
Paul C. Marengo - Securities & Corporate Finance
Michael L. Meyer - Securities & Corporate Finance
Robert J. Minkus - Securities & Corporate Finance
Jane E. Montgomery - Environmental
Paula J. Morency - Franchise/Dealership
Ralph A. Morris - Employment & Labor
Roger Pascal - General Litigation
Charles H.R. Peters - General Litigation
Scott E. Pickens - Securities & Corporate Finance
Kenneth M. Roberts - Construction/Surety
Gabriel M. Rodriguez - Environmental
Ronald S. Safer - Criminal Defense: White Collar
Henry W. Sledz Jr. - Employment & Labor
Patricia Costello Slovak - Employment & Labor
Edward Spacapan Jr. - Employee Benefits/ERISA
David M. Spector - Insurance Coverage
Frederick J. Sperling - General Litigation
Debra L. Stetter - Estate Planning & Probate
Linda K. Stevens - Intellectual Property Litigation
Thomas R. Wechter - Tax
Jay Williams - General Litigation
Mark C. Zaander - Securities & Corporate Finance

These are the Schiff Hardin attorneys named 2009 Illinois Rising Stars and their categories of selection:

Matthew Brett - Real Estate
Fiona A. Burke - Intellectual Property
Edward Casmere - Personal Injury Defense: Products
Patricia J. Fokuo - General Litigation
David C. Giles - Business Litigation
Nick Kahlon - General Litigation
Kim Kamin - Estate Planning & Probate
Renee C. Kelley - Personal Injury Defense: Products
Joshua D. Lee - Business Litigation
Heidi Oertle - Personal Injury Defense; Products
Sailesh K. Patel - Intellectual Property
Heidi Hennig Rowe - Construction/Surety
Jason M. Torf - Bankruptcy & Creditor-Debtor Rights
Jon C. Vigano - Bankruptcy & Creditor-Debtor Rights