Engineer-Led Design Build: Simple, Safe & Profitable

American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Fall Conference

Construction Law Group Partner Jeremy Baker will present on how engineering firms can structure themselves to lead design-build teams, work with strategically allied contractors, and seek greater profit with less risk than traditional projects.

Jeremy, an adjunct construction law professor, will help engineers understand how to market their design-build capabilities. Learning objectives include:

  • How to explain a “sequential” engineer-led design build, a more practical approach than the “single contract” approach
  • Determine how engineers can bifurcate their design-build practice into separate design and construction companies that bring the engineer’s liabilities in line with traditional design practices
  • Recognize how engineers can use their design-build capability to market their traditional design services more effectively
  • Discuss the benefits of using an engineer-led design-build business model
  • Explain how engineers can structure their businesses to contract directly with owners as the prime member of a design-build team while subcontracting the actual construction work to a general contractor