Federal Power Programs

Federal Power Programs


Schiff Hardin attorneys have represented power customers of the Federal Government for more than three decades in litigation, transactional, regulatory and lobbying activities.

Advising Preference Customers  

Schiff Hardin provides leading-edge advice to “preference customers” seeking to preserve and augment power resources provided by federally owned hydropower facilities. Working with these traditional customers of the Southeastern, Southwestern, Western Area, and Bonneville Power Administrations, we assist clients with numerous matters involving power generating at federal projects including:

  • Power allocations
  • Scheduling of resources
  • Accounting for power allocation benefits
  • Rate design and cost recovery
  • Customer funding agreements
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Transmission arrangements
  • Compensation for diminished resources
  • Integration of resources into organized markets
  • Support for the Federal Power Program

Energy & Environmental Law Adviser

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