Environmental Management and Audits

The capture of accurate and timely performance data is critical to environmental compliance, reporting and certification.  A well-crafted audit program ensures that the data is captured properly for the intended purpose. In addition, an effective audit program can discover more serious problems in facility operations, allowing the company to self-report and receive the penalty leniency provided to self-reporters.

Compliance Audits

A compliance audit can be performed by dedicated in-house staff, operations staff or by outside vendors. The purpose is established by the company to meet the company's business objectives. It may be a voluntary audit or one required by rule or permit.  Our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Assessing the value of an audit program
  • Establishing goals for the audit program
  • Structuring the audit to meet goals while preserving available privileges
  • Reviewing audit findings
  • Developing plans to address systemic non-compliance
  • Advising how to report non-compliance

Environmental Management Systems

Schiff Hardin can assist in developing an environmental management system that will capture information necessary for public disclosure, including SEC disclosure or for ISO certification programs.

Internal Investigations

From time to time, a company may face allegations of wrongdoing presented by company personnel or third parties.  Other times, companies may discover irregularities suggesting possible wrongdoing by one or more corporate actors or agents.  Schiff Hardin has assisted clients in addressing such matters on behalf of companies.  We have counseled officers and board committees with the design and implementation of the internal corporate investigation.  We are sensitive to personnel, criminal, public disclosure and privilege issues, in addition to the environmental obligations that may be implicated by the facts.