Joel deJesus represents users, owners and operators of the bulk electric system, with a specific emphasis on electric reliability regulation resulting from the Energy Policy Act of 2005. His previous experience working in-house with utilities and as Director of Compliance Enforcement for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) provides him with a unique insight into this relatively new but essential element of energy regulation.

Joel assists with assessing and commenting on new reliability standards, advising clients during audits and investigations, developing mitigation plans and compliance programs, and representing clients in enforcement actions. He also advises clients on cyber security, an increasingly significant component of energy reliability standards.

Joel’s background and experience are critical when it comes to helping clients achieve their goals within the boundaries of the pertinent requirements and regulations. In particular, he understands the complexities of NERC’s eight regional entities and is familiar with the ways in which each region approaches reliability standards. He has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with engineers and other experts in a variety of fields, which allows him to efficiently communicate and cooperate with clients.

In addition to his experience in reliability regulation, Joel advises clients on federal regulation of electricity, with a particular emphasis on transmission development and tariff issues.

In-House Experience

Prior to joining Schiff Hardin, Joel was a partner at Bruder, Gentile & Marcoux L.L.P. in Washington, D.C. In January 2013, Bruder, Gentile & Marcoux combined with Schiff Hardin.

From 2009 to 2011, Joel served in a number of executive roles at NERC, including as its Director of Compliance Enforcement. In that role, he oversaw the enforcement program of NERC and its eight regional entities, and he spearheaded efforts to make the enforcement of reliability standards more risk-focused and efficient.

Before joining NERC, Joel was Assistant General Counsel for the Federal Regulation at National Grid, where he managed National Grid’s legal activity at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies. He was also Vice President for Regulatory Affairs for Utilicom Networks LLC, a telecommunications firm focusing in broadband joint ventures with public utilities.

Energy and Environmental Law Adviser

FERC Approves Fourth Settlement for 2011 Southwest Blackout Against Western Area Power Administration

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